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About US

Lindo Travel Ltd is a small tour company, yet strong formed company owned and operated by Tanzania’s Professional Trained Safari and Mountain Trekking guides. When you book a safari or a trek with Lindo Travel Ltd, then you know for sure that you will get what you paid for. Our focus is to share exactly what our country can offer its visitors. Our charges are intended for the service we deliver to you and not more, we give 100% value to your money.

  • We know you need a well-organized Tanzania Safari
  • We know you need to travel in comfort in all possible ways
  • We know you need to travel with a knowledgeable safari guide

Through our knowledge, our many years’ experience being in the Tanzania’s Safari industry, worked with other safari companies as Safari Guides. We are sure that we have learned enough, we want you to benefit with our experience, by bringing you more closely to nature, and giving you a really sense of being in the true wildness area of Africa.

Who Are We?

We are professional trained safari and Mountain trekking guides, we have been to College each one of us in different period of time, learning and studying about Wildlife Science, Animal Behavior and Wildlife Management. We are sure that we have so much to share with you.

Our Safaris

We organize mixture of quality trips to Tanzania, which fits into various ranges of budgets. We have established very good connections with some of the hotels, lodges and tented camps in the country, and so can guarantee for the best possible price. All of these properties are situated in beautiful locations ideally for your "real" Tanzania Safari.

Our dream is to connect people from all over the world with the real Africa. We welcome people who seek genuineness on their travels on holidays into the Africa continent. We go deep beneath the surface of a place and look for experiences that enrich your emotion feeling about Africa. Each one of our company's member shares the idea that we are part of a whole. We are a part of nature and we take care of it

Supporting Local Economy

We work together with the local people and communities and provide everything through them including guides with unmatched experience of their motherland, food suppliers, cooks with realistic local recipes, gear, lodging, tribal visits, arts & crafts - cultural programs - all are locally based and associated to our safari projects.

We Love Tanzania

Forced by our authentic love for our own culture, our beautiful country, its breathtaking landscapes and nature. We decided to team up as guides and open up a "path" so that other people can join us and experience the beauties and the exclusivity of this amazing country of ours; the number of wild animals surviving freely within the Serengeti National Park and other parks along with gorgeous mixture of landscapes, astonishing histories, cultures, make Tanzania an incredible destination to test on a vacation.

For more information and enquiry, please feel free to contact us, we are all ready to serve you right from now. Just send your email to or call us +255 768 884042.
Thank you and (Karibu Tanzania.) welcome to Tanzania.

About The Owner!

Stephan L Sunday the Founder & Chief Guide at Lindo Travel Company is a professional trained safari guide with more than 8 years of experience in the safari industry. He hold Diploma in Tour Guiding & Wildlife Management from Udzungwa Mountain College Trust. Before he founded his own company, Stephan had worked with several other small and big tour companies here in Tanzania, by which he had collected a wealth of knowledge and experiences which became an inspirations for him to establish his own company. Stephan has so much to share with the world and that, he welcomes you to experience Tanzania’s adventure activities with the real people of the Tanzania.